Netflix: My sour relationship

By July 21, 2016Apps

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. There comes a time when you have to make a choice – suck it up and continue to see what happens, or make a clean break and start again. I’m currently stuck somewhere between the two: with Netflix.

It’s crazy to think i’ve been in this relationship since 2012, where has time gone. I loved Netflix when we first got together, she updated regularly with new films, I watched – it was the perfect storm but lately something changed.

For one, I wasn’t allowed to hang out with VPN and her American cousin (something to do with licensing) and then the cost went up – we were no long splitting the bill – it all came out of my pocket. It’s £2 a month extra but still – when i’m now forced to now watch the equivalent of channel 5 movies all the time, is it really worth it!

There lies the difficulty; i’ve left Netflix twice in recent months but somehow keep going back. Sure I could join Amazon Prime, but that isn’t on my Apple TV or Smart TV (yes, I’m too cheap to upgrade) or I could stream (*illegally*) which doesn’t really work for me, not because it’s illegal but because it infuriates me over a lack of consistency in quality and load time.

Perhaps I’m just doomed to go through this forever…